FAQs about Missions

Frequently Asked Questions about Missions at FBC Dalton

What does it really mean to be a missional church?

Bo Prosser, Coordinator for Congregational Life for the Cooperative Baptist Church, says, “The missional church is about empowering people to discover and use their passion on purpose and to be the presence of Christ in their worlds whether anyone joins the church or not.” Being a missional church means that we, at First Baptist, devote ourselves to the fellowship, this is the common life of the community that surrounds us and that we are a part of each and every day. That community can be as close as next door or as far as to the uttermost parts of the earth. Being missional also means that we seek to break bread with anyone who is a part of our reach. We will share in their needs seeking to build authentic and lasting relationships with the people around us. Michael Riddell says, “Participating in the mission of God means leaving our place of security, to travel to the place where others are. This is the heartbeat of incarnation…Mission is always in the direction of the other, away from ourselves.”

Does that mean that First Baptist Church views their members as “missionaries?”

Short answer—EXACTLY! We believe that every person has a mission and their own mission field. Incarnating the presence of Christ in the mission field is the first step in building the kind of authentic relationships that the “world” is so desperately seeking.

Well, I am very passionate about . . . . . . How can I establish a mission point with relation to my passion?

The chances are very good that someone in this congregation shares that same passion! Many of our current mission points and programs got started with a conversation between our professional staff members and members of our congregation who shared a passion about a particular form of service. If you have a God-given passion about a particular mission point or field, we invite you to share that passion with our staff and missions cluster leaders. We will do our very best to help you direct that passion into a tangible ministry. Literally, it only takes a spark!