News From the Corner  

If you’ve passed by the front of the church lately you may have noticed that something is changing. It seems subtle from the road but once you see it, it becomes pretty hard to miss. The transformation has begun!  

This summer has been one of transition (not to mention the 15 months preceding it), and as our church family moves into a new season of life it seems natural to have an outward expression of this newness and excitement.

So the idea was floated… Dalton loves some parades, and since FBC is on the main route our parking lots are usually packed and the sidewalks lined with spectators and participants. What if there was somewhere else convenient for folks to hang out, and as a bonus would have the church in the background of their parade pictures?

Under the leadership of Reggie Mullinax & Bubba Griggs we fired up our chainsaws, tow cables, and hedge-trimmers to begin work clearing the lot between the church and the Christian Counseling Center a couple of weeks ago. So far we’ve put two Fridays & Saturdays of work into the lot. With the help of several deacons, a few families (kids included), and other helping hands showing up to haul, saw, trim, and of course provide refreshments. We toil together, get a little dirty, and even get to know each other better in the process. It’s hard (and hot) work, but even so progress has gone well and the city has pitched in to help clear out brush and tree limbs as we hack away the jungle.

Aside from a clean lot and a nice view, we have no active plans for it. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any in the future (some of you may recall several ideas and dreams for the space in the past).

So in the next few weeks, if you see folks with scratched up arms, ask them how the lot clearing is going! And, as you see progress continue, know it’s a sign of good things to come and a place to sit during parade season.