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Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!

A local blogger recently said, "no, a pumpkin truck did not crash in our parking lot." Well, it's only half a truck-load, and we unloaded by hand. Hopefully our displays are a bit less willy nilly than that, but yes there are A LOT of pumpkins.

For the second year (when does it become "annual"?) our Punkin Patch! is open for business. Working with a group called Pumkins USA out of North Carolina, we found an opportunity for our students volunteer and generate funds for mission trips as well as to partner with our local nonprofits to the same end.

Pumpkins USA started more than 30 years ago on a small farm working with a single church, and has grown to more than 2 square miles of farmland and more than 1000 organizations. They work exclusively with non-profits for fundraisers, and exclusively employ Native Americans on their New Mexico farms in an area with astoundingly high unemployment. So not only does our Punkin Patch! allow us to do great things and support our own missions and partners, but the funds we raise do great things across the country.

Because of your support last year, we had students able to go on a choir trip to San Francisco and a Mission Trip to New York City - creating opportunities to see sights and experience cultures, and of course carry the Gospel, in ways that wouldn't have been possible without support. Your pumpkin money went to support Family Promise, Habitat for Humanity, DOCUP, and CIty of Refuge - creating opportunities to help people in need all over Whitfield county.

Last year, because it didn't rain like, at all, we had a pretty uniform crop. This year: oh, the variety! We have big pumpkins, little pumpkins, middle pumkins, minis and gourds. Green ones, white ones, and pumkins with warts. It's like a Dr Seuss book out here. 

And yes, you can get cheaper pumpkins at those stores, but really why would you? Come support your local nonpofits and a good cause nationwide. Honestly, we have better pumpkins - but I don't think I can tell you that.