Youth Ministry Calendar

This page is to supply you with the upcoming events and info involving the youth. If you find yourself needing more information feel free to contact the church office.

Upcoming Events:

The youth calendar is full of activities to grow our relationship with God and with each other. Some activities are just for fun while others grow us spiritually. At FBC Dalton we try to find a healthy balance between times of fun and spiritual growth. We feel that these two ideas are not at war with each other, but can create a beautiful harmony together.

·         September 

o   Sept 4:  First Wednesday Night (Fun/Survey)

o   Sept 8:  First Sunday Night (Color War)

o   Sept 10: MS breakfast at BoJangles

o   Sept 15:  SN-Mission Activity:  Shopping for Life Pack

o   Sept 17: HS breakfast at Panera

o   Sept 22:  SN-Lesson on Discipleship- Prayer, Giving, Sharing

o   Sept 29: Youth Choir Kick-off/ Lesson: Halloween

·         October 

o   Oct 6:  Choir Rehearsal/SN-Mission Activity:  DOCUP Care Packages

o   Oct 9:  WN- Mission Activity

o   Oct 13-15: Fall Retreat; Cost $130 at Skyline Camp 

o   Oct 20: Extended Choir Rehearsal

o   Oct 22:  HS breakfast at Panera

o   Oct 27: Church Fall Festival

·         November 

o   Nov 3: Choir Rehearsal/SN-Mission Night

o   Nov 10: SN- Scavenger Hunt

o   Nov 12:  MS breakfast at BoJangles

o   Nov 13:  WN- Mission Activity:  Red Tub Set Up

o   Nov 17: Choir Rehearsal/SN-Lesson Thanksgiving

o   Nov 19:  HS breakfast at Panera

o   Nov 24: Cancelled (Thanksgiving week)

o   Nov 27:  No Wednesday Night

·         December

o   Dec 1: Hanging of Green

o   Dec 5: Christmas Parade

o   Dec 8: Movie Night:  It’s a Wonderful Life

o   Dec 10:  MS breakfast at BoJangles

o   Dec 15:  Christmas Party

o   Dec 16:  Serve Food at Greater Works

o   Dec 17:  HS breakfast at Panera

o   Dec 18:  Family Movie Night

o   Dec 22:  No Sunday Night

o   Dec 24:  Christmas Eve Service

o   Dec 25:  Christmas Day

o   Dec 29:  No Sunday Night

·         January 2020:

o   Jan 5:  No Sunday Night

o   Jan 6: Winter Break

o   Jan 12: Choir Rehearsal/ SN:  Lesson

o   Jan 17-19: Winter Summit

o   Jan 26: Choir Rehearsal/ SN: Lesson